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The best way to get the most accurate Long Distance T1 quote is to Email Us the first several pages your current long distance bill to our attention. This way we can make sure we are comparing apples to apples and it will also give us a good idea of your calling patterns.

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Should You Sign-up for a Flat-rate or a Tiered-Rate (LATA Based) Long Distance T1 ?

by Chris Landry

In this article, I will discuss business situations where I believe that company would benefit from opting for the flat-rate long distance T1 billing model or the tiered-rate (also known as LATA-based, OCN, or NPA/NXX DS3 pricing) billing model when they are signing up for a T1 provider. I will provide examples of each and I will also give you a fool-proof way to know which billing model to choose from.

Companies that are a good candidate for a flat rate long distance T1 billing plan are companies that have a calling list of their previous customers. Since roughly 82% of all households have an RBOC number, you should be well within the 80/20 rule set forth by the long distance companies. This a sure fire way to get a lower rate for every call you make.

Another example of a company that would benefit from a flat-rate long distance T1 billing structure is a company that is targeting its calls to certain towns or small cities with smaller populations. For example, a local politician maybe campaigning in a small city and would like to call everyone in that city to solicit their vote..

Companies that are a good candidate for a tiered-rate long distance T1 are companies that are doing mass calling to the masses of a larger regions and populations. These companies can scrub their calling lists to only call the Tier A (RBOC) phone numbers, hence saving them anywhere from 35-50% off of the flat-rate billing structure plan.

There is a rule of thumb when deciding which billing structure to go with when signing up for a long distance T1 and that is the larger your calling list and calling area, the more you should really consider a tiered rate calling plan.

I promised you at the beginning of this article a fool-proof way to determine whether or not your company should be on a flat rate or tier rate plan. Well here is the golden secret: You can give a copy of your long distance phone bill to your long distance T1 broker and they will do the leg work for you (for free). They will research all of your calls and calling habits and let you know whether the flat rate or tiered rate is best for your company. And you thought it would be difficult. It may take a couple of days to sort though the data, but it will be well worth it in the end when your long distance T1 bill will be much lower because of it. Most brokers will not offer this service to you but if you ask for it, the better brokers will do this for you.

In summary, it may be a little confusing for a company to decide which long distance T1 or DS3 billing plan to sign up for, but all you have to do is ask, and your broker should let you know definitively which way you should go.

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